Membership Fees

What fees and when are they due?
The Barbershop Harmony Club of Canberra Inc. is a non-profit incorporated association that facilities the Canberra Chordsmen and is affiliated with Barbershop Harmony Australia.
There are three fees you need to be aware of as they are payable at different times.
The fees are;
  1. Barbershop Harmony Club of Canberra (BHCC) Membership - $50 per year, charged 31 December.
  2. Barbershop Harmony Australia (BHA) Membership - $75 per year, charged 30 November. (one-off $35 joining fee applies).
  3. Canberra Chordsmen Activity Fee - $75 per quarter, charged 31 March, 30 June, 30 September, and 31 December.
For members aged 25 years and under, all the fees above are halved.
Upon joining, the BHCC and BHA memberships are payable immediately together with the on-off BHA joining fee. The BHCC and BHA membership fees are both 50% after 1 July (but the joining fee is unchanged). The activity fee is pro-rated for the current three-month period.  A full activity fee is charged at the start of the next three-month period.

Why three different fees?
The BHCC fee is your membership in our incorporated association. This entitles you to the membership status which you have applied for, typically this is a full membership with voting rights in elections and general meetings.
The BHA fee is your membership to our guiding national organisation. This membership ensures you are covered by our insurance, copyright licences, and performance licences. It also entitles you to a variety of resources and publications as offered by BHA. More can be read here. This membership must be current in order for you to participate in any BHA contest (quartet or chorus). This fee is not administered by BHCC or its ensembles. The fee is directly passed on to the singer. BHCC manages the admin of this membership unless the singer does not want us to.
The Canberra Chordsmen activity is your contribution towards the running costs of this ensemble. This fee (in conjunction with the BHCC fee) covers the chorus expenses which include, Musical Director, hall hire, riser hire, insurance, sheet music, music copyright, website hosting, guest coaching, chorus registration fees, marketing, and promotional materials, name badges, learning tacks, and administrative expenses.
We separate the fees to allow singers flexibility when taking leave from the ensemble. When taking extended breaks from the Canberra Chordsmen, you only need to pay the BHCC and BHA fee. You can resume activity with the Canberra Chordsmen any time and will pay the activity on the point of return.