BHCC Fees Guide

Type of post: Chorus Documentation
Status: Current
Date Posted: Mon, 7 Mar 2016
This is a guide to member fees for the Barbershop Harmony Club of Canberra, BHCC, including the Canberra Chordsmen, and its quartets. BHCC is part of Barbershop Harmony Australia (BHA). Member fees provide up to 50% of club revenue. In return, members are insured with BHA, and can sing and perform with us.
When are fees due?
On entry, and then each 1 January, 1 April, 1 July, and 1 October.
Regular Quarterly Fees
  BHCC Fee BHA fee Example
Full member (continuing) $100 each three months (quarter year) We pay your annual BHA fees in advance, using your $100 BHCC fees. Elvis is 26, and pays $200 in late March, for two quarters from April to September.
Youth member (continuing) Half of the fees for a Full member. Youth members are 25 years old or less on the due date (“Junior/Student” on the website,
Fees on Entry
  BHCC Fee BHA fee Example
New member (on acceptance) Full or youth member fee for the remaining part of the quarter. $70 for 12 months from 1 October to 30 September ($35 if only from 1 April to 30 Sep). Youth members pay half of this. Elvis’ first rehearsal after acceptance is at the start of February. He pays BHCC $130 entrance fee - $60 for February and March, plus $70for BHA.
How do I pay via Electronic Transfer (on line)?
EFT to our club account:
Bank: Beyond Bank (Formerly Community CPS Australia)
BSB: 325-185
Account Name: BHCC Incorporation
Account Number: 0341 8782
Use a clear reference code in the format:   <Name><mmm><mmm><yy>.
For example:      EPresleyAprJun65 for Mr Presley’s fees from April to June 1965.
Is cash OK?
Yes, the treasurer can take cash at most rehearsals.
Who pays club fees?
Full members and Youth members, are regarded as active, and pay fees. The Musical Director does not pay fees. Active members are encouraged to take part in club activities.
What types of costs do the fees cover?
Musical Director; rehearsal space; upcoming BHA fees, including your BHA insurance cover; chorus competition fees; equipment; music licensing fees etc.
Will you have other personal costs?
You will need uniform and accessories to perform – see the document on the bulletin board, or ask the uniform coordinator about the cost. You will also have to pay for travel and accommodation for conventions and festivals. Our club generally pays the registration for the chorus registration, but quartets pay their own way.
Who sets the fees?
The BHCC committee, under the framework of the constitution.
Are there other types of membership?
Members on leave (Dormant members) don’t take part in club activities, but generally pay BHCC to cover their BHA fees;
Life members can take part in all club activities but do not pay fees because of their recognised contribution. BHCC pays their BHA fees;
Associate members no fees have been set for these, and there are no associates at present.
Fees on Leave (Dormant)
  BHCC Fee BHA fee Example
Dormant member No club fees $70 per full year pro rata. (half for Youth members) Angus (over 25 years age) pays BHCC $35 for a half years’ leave, and our club maintains his BHA membership.
If you don’t pay fees?
Non-payment obviously has an impact on club funds. Also, when a member’s BHA registration lapses, they become uninsured, and cannot perform with the chorus or club quartets. Non-financial members cannot take part in an Annual General Meeting.
Can others perform with us?
BHA Insurance cover is always needed to perform. The musical director has some discretion for chorus performances, and Dormant Members may be able to perform with quartets if they are insured.

(July 2017)